Our Services

We not only develop solutions appropriate for your business activity, but provide support during the implementation and monitoring phases of such solutions. Our clients’ needs are often met through one or more the following service offerings:

IT Security Consulting

Due to an ever changing technology

landscape, there is a need for adequate security over information technology systems that are crucial for both your business' security your bottom line.


The proliferation of viruses, worms, malicious hackers and other threats to network security, make it increasingly imperative for companies to proactively implement appropriate security measures specifically tailored to their operating environment.


Our consultants are skilled in many technologies and computing environments, including but not limited to client-server, midrange, and mainframe technologies. Our cross-functional talents allow us to properly identify risks and design effective solutions.


ACE-Consulting Group will partner with you to evaluate risks, identify security vulnerabilities and determine if your existing precautions are adequate for your business. We not only consider your current situation, but also estimate your future growth and suggest a security solution that will grow with business to mitigate future risk.

IT Audit & Risk Management Services

The identification, measurement, and monitoring of risks are essential to developing a proper control environment. Many companies are now required to meet regulatory compliance standards, such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act.


We provide services to assist in the identification of risks and the implementation of counter-measures to ensure the security of company assets, while complying with regulatory standards.

Many companies that provide information technology-related services (service providers) to Federal, State or privately owned entities are required to provide proof of secure computing environments to current and potential clients.


ACE-Consulting Group will perform these Statement of Auditing Standards (SAS No 70) preparedness assessments as well as complete SAS 70 type II examinations as evidence that your organization’s operations, facilities, IT processes and practices are operating effectively.

Internal Audit Co-sourcing

Many companies find it difficult to manage a permanent team of internal auditors, especially IT auditors.


We will assist your organization with the development and performance of IT audits, conducted on behalf of your Internal Audit functions.


We will assist your organization with the development and performance of IT audits, conducted on behalf of your Internal Audit functions.


Our Internal Audit services are a combination of our other service offerings as well as agreed upon procedures. Our team of consultants provides an exceptional range of expertise in this regard.