About us

Our People

Our Consultants are consummate Information Technology professionals with extensive experience in IT audit, database administration and network security-related domains. 

We offer solutions that address security concerns in addition to the requirements for functionality and operational improvement because of our solid understanding of financial reporting, fundamental accounting concepts and information technology.

At ACE-Consulting Group, we have a clear understanding of the risks associated with implementing new business processes and IT technologies to meet changing needs in both financial reporting and compliance.

Our client service team includes:

  •     A Managing Consultant who is responsible for the overall management of the relationship,
  •     A Primary and/or Secondary Consultant who will take responsibility for the day-to-day servicing  of our contractual relationship, and
  •     A strong pool of backup consultants both locally and internationally. 


Our Approach


By recommending and implementing solutions tailored to each of our client’s specific operating environment, we ensure that our recommendations are based on sound risk assessment principles and cost-effective. Our risk-based approach reflects our intimate understanding of the inherent risks in our client’s operations while taking into consideration how your ability to meet your organizations’ mission and goals are affected.